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Victorian Amateur Pistol Association 

The Victorian Amateur Pistol Association is a member of Pistol Australia, the governing body of pistol shooting in Australia and by association with the Commonwealth, Olympic and Paralympic Games and the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF).

Pistol shooting started in Victoria in 1955 when a club was formed so Australians could compete in the 1956 Olympic Games in Melbourne.  Today there are 52 Clubs in Victoria with a membership of 3,089 including 360 women, 31 junior females and 55 junior males and over 15,000 pistol shooters registered with Pistol Australia.  There are 53 types of matches you can shoot ranging from Air pistol to 50 meter Black Powder with names like Standard Pistol, Rapid Fire, WA 1500, Action Match and Service Pistol 25yards. 

You can obtain a Juniors Handgun licence at the age of 12 with parent consent, own and possess a handgun at 18 yrs. and continue to participate well into your 80’s or 90’s if you are deemed safe.

The record for the most medals won by an individual at Commonwealth Games is held by an Australian Pistol Shooter Philip Adams, with 7 Gold, 9 Silver and 2 Bronze medals, he competed in 4 Olympic and 6 Commonwealth Games, he was 57 when he competed in his last games.

It is a sport where muscle strength, endurance and stamina is not a prerequisite to compete, it does require mind and body control to hold a pistol in one hand, aim and shoot. It is also a sport where you can compete from club level to Olympic and World Games.  We are the only sport in Australia that is governed by the 1996 National Firearms Agreement and the 1996 Firearms Act in Victoria and that is one of the reasons why this sport is so safe.