Team Kraken – Arnold Sports Festival Australia
Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

Team Kraken

2020 HMB Arnold Classic

Fighters of the Australian Medieval Combat Federation (AMCF) are proud to showcase their skills at the 2020 HMB Arnold Classic, hosted by Team Kraken at the amazing Arnold Sports Festival.
Watch our men and women compete in the following categories
– 5v5 group combat tournament
– 10v10 group combat
– Women’s 3v3 group combat tournament
– Men’s profight (4 weight classes)
– Women’s profight
– Multiple duel categories!
– HMB Soft

What is Historical Medieval Battle (HMB)?
HMB is a full-contact combat sport originating from Eastern Europe. It is a modern sporting system based of the historical warfare and tournaments of the medieval world. Our fighters wear historical steel armour and fight on foot with blunted steel weapons. The hits and grappling you see if 100% real.
Nothing is staged or choreographed and everyone is fighting their hardest to win.
Our sport encompasses both individual and group fights. An individual duel can be fought with longswords, sword and shield, or a polearm where clean weapon strikes and disarms are awarded points, or as a no-holes barred bout resembling a medieval MMA match. In one of these “profights” fighters use striking and grappling techniques to claim victory awarded by decision or K.O.
Group fights however, are fought by teams who use teamwork, striking, and grappling to force their opponents to the ground. Once an opponent is touches the ground they are eliminated. These group fights are commonly fought by eight person teams, with five on field and three reserves, but they can get as big as 30v30, with 60 fighters taking the field at a time.
The HMB Arnold Classic will also feature, for the first time in Australia, a tournament of HMB Soft. A competition fought with “soft” training gear that is more accessible and incorporates under 18’s.