Team Kraken – Arnold Sports Festival Australia
Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

Team Kraken


Team Kraken are part of the Australian Medieval Combat Federation (AMCF). A group of dedicated Australian men and women who take part in the sport of Historical Medieval Battle (HMB). HMB is a full-contact combat sport originating from Eastern Europe. It is a modern sporting system based of the historical warfare and tournaments of the medieval world. Our fighters wear historical steel armour and fight on foot with blunted steel weapons. The hits and grappling you see if 100% real.

Nothing is staged or choreographed and everyone is fighting their hardest to win.
Our sport encompasses both individual and group fights. An individual duel can be fought with longswords, sword and shield, or a polearm where clean weapon strikes and disarms are awarded points, or as a no-holes barred bout resembling a medieval MMA match. In one of these “profights” fighters use striking and grappling techniques to claim victory awarded by decision or K.O.

Group fights however, are fought by teams who use teamwork, striking, and grappling to force their opponents to the ground. Once an opponent is touches the ground they are eliminated. These group fights are commonly fought by eight person teams, with five on field and three reserves, but they can get as big as 30v30, with 60 fighters taking the field at a time.

Every year the world championship of HMB, Battle of the Nations, is held somewhere in Europe. Since 2013, Australian fighters have attended every year and represented Australia in nearly every category. With competition stepping up across Australia we have seen strong results overseas. In 2017 the Australian women’s team won bronze at Battle of the Nations in Barcelona, Australia’s first international medal. It was shortly followed by the Australian men’s team winning bronze in the 10v10 category at the 2018 International Medieval Combat Federation world cup at Scone Palace, Scotland.

Today there are HMB teams spread out across Australia, with major teams found in our state capitals and regional teams springing up as the sport grows. Organised under our national body, the AMCF, we regularly travel interstate to take part in tournaments where our men and women compete for training, titles, and the chance to represent Australia on the world stage.

Our teams and fighters are excited to be the first in the world to bring HMB to Arnold Sports Festival. Over the festival we will hold a competition of all our major disciplines to show Australia what it takes to train and fight as a modern medieval warrior