Arnold Pro Street Workout – Arnold Sports Festival Australia
Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

Arnold Pro Street Workout

The worlds fastest growing fitness trend comes to the Arnolds. Calisthenics athletes master their own body weight to display beauty (kallos), strength (thenos) and street styled skill in a 1vs1 knock out freestyle battle format.

Some of the worlds best Street Workout athletes making their way to Melbourne to become some of the superstars of the 2020 Arnold Sports Festival Australia with that prestigious Arnold gold as their target. Watch as International and local athletes go head to head to qualify round by round to see who is crowned King at The Arnold Pro Street Workout, Australia.

This scene delivers high octane new moves daily with tricks and combos becoming higher, bigger and more technical the further the athletes get.

This is a first for the Arnold Sports Festival Australia and it is the start of something huge for the future. Also, join us for the fun, challenging and adrenaline-filled Calisthenics Power and Strength Showdown. The exciting display is held twice a year and is the biggest of its kind in Australia.

Athletes from around the world will compete in multiple maximum rep challenges and one ALL IN workouts. The workout are designed to test fitness, determination and skill to show who can go beyond their limits. This will include Static holds, muscle ups, burpees and many more challenging movements.

Join some of most determined and powerful men and women in this sport and watch this inspiring display of talent and courage.