Powerlifting – Arnold Sports Festival Australia
Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre


Pro Raw

Cheer on Australia’s strongest men and women at the Arnold Sports Festival Australia!

Pro Raw Powerlifting run their annual championship events at the Arnold Sports Festival every year.


All womens classes


Men’s 80/95/110 classes


Men 125 and 125kg+ classes
Bench Only
Deadlift Only


Pro Raw will be in the Arnold Expo, all you’ll need is an Expo Pass to watch the event!


About Pro Raw XI

The womens 60kg class is stacked with talent. Stef Cohen, Laura Sgro and Jen Smith should all go over 500kg, with Jessica Zukowski keeping them all honest. Danel Van Jaarsweld from South Africa is will also feature near the top.

The womens 75kg class is going to be a great fight. Kate Mitchell-Parker is the favourite, but she will be pushed hard by Maria Barba, Lauren Green, Keeta Davis, Crystal Trace, Billa Hamilton and Carmen Daldry amongst many more. A 600kg total is not out of the question here, with 550kg needed to podium
The womens 75kg+ class will once again post world class totals. Look for Sarah Rainbow and Mariela Ortellado to go over 650kg, Sheryl Kaye Bourne to squat 300kg, and 600kg minimum top 5. These girls are very, very strong.

Mens 80kg class is always exciting. Critta Stamatiou, Les Grills will be joined by Andy Thomas Smith from the UK and a host of other talented 80kg raw lifters. Dont be surprised to see an 800kg total here
Mens 95kg class is one of the most anticipated this year. Five time winner Pat Morrison will be pushed by Alex Deken, Matt Stenzel, Matt Middleton and many, many more, as the 95kg class has the most lifters participating.

In the 110kg class we see Tom Martin, the returning champ as the stand out lifter. We should see our first 1000kg total here. Will Crozier, Sebastian Oreb, Nathan Jones, Nick Terry from the USA will all be pushing for a spot on this podium, with another 15 or so waiting for a chance if anyone slips up.

The Mens 125kg class on Sunday will set the tone for some big numbers. Eduard Khanjyan from Finland should start as favourite and should hit the 1000kg mark, along with Ryan Williams. Sam Bollands from the UK has never been beaten, Ben Winstone will be back after last years victory, Josh Tait, a couple of New Zealand lifters and Jeremy Wilson, who we expect to squat well in excess of 400kg are all in the mix to win, after last years result, no one is safe.

Finally, the big boys, the 125kg+ class, featuring 5 time winner Odell Manuel, 2 time winner Gawain Johnstone, the prodigy Dylan Hellriegel and Luke Poli, who have all gone over 1000kg before. They will be joined by a future champ in Warrick Eccles and a handful of others looking to make their mark in this stacked weight class.