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Pele, Ronaldo, Messi and Neymar are soccer legends who share something else in common … they all started their careers on a futsal court.
If you’re a fan of the world game or you’re wanting to give it a go, come along to the Futsal ‘come and try’ area.

Traditionally, indoor soccer in Australia is played with a large ball that you can kick off nets and the game continues. In futsal, the ball is smaller and there are no nets or walls to use. This means a higher level of finesse is required to get the most out of the game. The by-product of this is that it helps develop better players – especially in the junior ranks.

With Australia’s love for the world game continuing to rise, Futsal Oz is meeting Melbourne’s demand for the indoor version of the game. With three world-class stadiums located at Brunswick, Mount Evelyn and Thomastown, Futsal Oz is taking the game to the next level. And unlike other indoor sport centres where multiple sports are played, the only game you’ll see at Futsal Oz is futsal.

For men and women, social competitions are held nightly at all three stadiums – with leagues catering for the elite to the beginner. And futsal is played with just five players per side, so it’s easy to gather your mates and get a team started! For juniors, training is held during the week, with games on either Friday evening (Mt Evelyn and Thomastown) or Saturday (Brunswick).

Futsal Oz also provides pre-school (2-5 year olds) and school holiday programs (6-13 year olds), but before you throw your child (or yourself!) into the deep end of competition, you can try futsal at Futsal Oz’s famous Sunday Clinics. The trained coaches will teach you the basics of the game, improve your skills and fast-track you to become the next Pele. Or Ronaldo. Or Messi. Or even Neymar …

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