Armwrestling – Arnold Sports Festival Australia
Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre


Arm-wrestling is not just a test of strength. It’s about pride and respect – and the Arnold Sports Festival Australia will have the best men and women competitors in the world putting it all on the line.

Bouts can last a few seconds after an explosion of raw power. Others run for minutes as muscles flex and veins pop in a compelling test of endurance and determination. The atmosphere is fun, fast and furious.

You learn quickly watching the champions that a lot of skill is involved with the biggest or strongest competitor not always the winner. Some will tell you it’s all in the wrist and having a vice-like grip. Others say technique and lightning speed will beat brute strength. Watch the best at the Arnold Sports Festival Australia and you decide.

The 2018 Arnold Sports Festival Australia held an invitational event open to the top two arm-wrestlers in each weight class (under 80kg, 95kg and 95kg+) from Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand.

And in 2016 it was included in South Africa, making this the highest calibre arm-wrestling event in the Southern Hemisphere!

It is a thrilling competition for anyone who loves to test themselves, accessible to men and women regardless of their age or fitness. If the interest shown in the sport in recent years is anything to go by there is no reason why arm-wrestling will not see itself thrust into a brighter spotlight in Australia, a spotlight it already enjoys across the USA and Eastern Europe.

Organised by

The Australian Armwrestling Federation is an organisation dedicated to the growth of the exciting sport of arm-wrestling within Australia. With the primary aim of achieving mainstream recognition and the status of a true strength sport, the organisation is working constantly to hold and promote arm-wrestling competitions of the highest possible level throughout Australia.