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RABBLE COUNTDOWN: 16th - 18th March



Chess is one of the world’s largest participation sports.  It is estimated that 1 Billion people play the game regularly worldwide over a physical chessboard or over the internet.  Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of those people, and he shares our belief that it is as important to exercise our mental muscles as it is to exercise our physical ones.
Chess is presented at the 2018 Arnold Sports Festival by Chess World / Kids Unlimited.  
One main tournament will be conducted on each of the 3 days, and these will differ significantly in format:
  • Friday 16 March (10.15am-2.00pm): –  “The Arnold Secondary Interschool Chess Tournament”  
  • Saturday 17 March (1pm-5pm): – “The Arnold Transfer Chess”  
  • Sunday 18 March  (1pm-5pm) : – “The Arnold Blitz”  
Tournament information and registration:


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