MAS Wrestling – Arnold Sports Festival Australia
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MAS Wrestling

Mas-Wrestling Oceania is the world’s fastest growing strength sport.
Mas-Wrestling is very fast, explosive and exciting to watch!
Two athletes sit facing each other, separated by a footboard, both holding the short mas (stick). The referee will give a call of che! (go!) and the athletes will attempt to either pull the mas from their opponent’s grip, or pull the opponent over the footboard. Bouts are settled by best of three.
As well as prodigious grip strength, the sport requires strength, agility and the ability to make decisions quickly under pressure. It is contested by men and women, of all ages, split into weight categories as well as masters and youth categories.
Mas-wrestling is a traditional entho-sport originating from the Sakha region of North -Eastern Russia. Sakha is a beautiful land, and it’s capital Yakutsk is the coldest major city in the world. The 2018 World Championships saw 200 athletes from 40 countries, including Australia, converge on the city, to compete in front of 5,000 Russian fans! Since 2014, a number of Australian, New Zealand and Pacific Islander athletes have competed internationally in the sport.
The sport is contested on every inhabited continent on earth, and Mas-Wrestling Oceania supports the growth in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.