Golf – Arnold Sports Festival Australia
Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre


With aspects of traditional golf with fun extras, the Arnold Golf Classic is an exciting team format.
A team of three will be required to play this Ambrose event. Each team member must contribute, with five tee shots required in 18 holes. Each team member hits a shot off the tee; the team then selects one tee shot from which to play the next shot. The team member whose shot is selected must sit out for the second shot, with team members then continuing to select the best position. From the third shot, all three team members play until the ball is in the hole.
On the day you will be paired with another team to keep the rivalry and competitive juices flowing. You will also notice that the green has two holes you can play too.
This event will take place at Spring Valley Golf Club, situated just 30 minutes south-east of CBD and home to one of Melbourne’s famous Sandbelt courses, with a layout ranking among Australia’s best.