MARCH 16th, 17th & 18th, 2018

Arnold Amateur Strongman

The 2017 Arnold Classic Sports Festival Strongman & Strongwoman Championships saw a revision of the weight divisions to better align the Australian competition with international events along with a step up in the weights used in previous years to further challenge the competitors and continue to grow the sport here locally in Australia’s premier strongman competition.

The event selection committee has stuck true to our goal of keeping the Arnold’s Australia as a ‘heavy’ event that will require strength, speed, power and endurance to come out on top.

Athlete Registrations

Register via the website.

2017 Competition Schedule

Friday: Womens u65kg, Mens u80kg, Pro Strongman

Saturday: Womens u82kg, Mens u90kg, Pro Strongman

Sunday: Womens Opens, Mens u105kg, Heavyweights

Strongman Amateur Events

– Rising Yoke: 15m & 15m increasing weight
– Log Press Ladder: 5 Logs of increasing weight. Best 3 lifts
– Deadlift Medley: 3 implements and rep out on the last
– Mystery Event
– Atlas Stones: 5 stones in series over a 1.3m bar

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