MARCH 16th, 17th & 18th, 2018

Arnold Pro Strongman

The Arnold Pro Strongman World Series is a new professional sports league that features the world’s best Strongmen competing around the globe to qualify for the prestigious Arnold Pro Strongman World Championship at the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio.

Come and see some of the Strongest men in the world compete against each other, attempting near-impossible feats of sheer brutal power in The Arnold Pro Strongman Australia!

Friday 17th ( 2017 ) Schedule:

12pm: Event 1 – Super Yoke

2:30pm: Event 2 – Log Press

5pm: Event 3 – Frame Carry

Saturday 18th ( 2017 ) Schedule:

12pm: Event 4 – Deadlift

2:30pm: Event 5 – Truck Pull

5pm:Event 6 – Atlas Stones



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